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Auto Accidents

Dr. Belinda R. Padilla has helped thousands of auto accident victims with no out of pocket charge. 

We will help you with every step of the way through your legal interactions and organizing your medical care. 

1. Fill out the Medical Consultation Form located above

When your form is submitted please press "submit". You will know its submitted when you see the thank you page. If you have have questions, please text or call 214-713-0886.

Man Trying App

2. Schedule your Auto Accident Medical Consultation

You will receive a call or text to schedule your appointment. You can choose telemedicine or an in office visit. 

Medical Information

3. Dr. Padilla, MD will review your records, refer you to physicians as necessary and manage all of your medical care. 

Transportation can be provided upon request for outside referrals. Please be prepared for your consultations by having your prescriptions with you. (If you're on a telemedicine visit, please be in a quiet and undistracted environment for the doctors best communication and focus.) 

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